A15-A19 Tuberculosis


Tuberculosis (A15-A19)

Includes: infections due to Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis Excludes1: congenital tuberculosis (P37.0)
nonspecific reaction to test for tuberculosis without active tuberculosis (R76.1-)
pneumoconiosis associated with tuberculosis, any type in A15 (J65)
positive PPD (R76.11)
positive tuberculin skin test without active tuberculosis (R76.11)
sequelae of tuberculosis (B90.-)
silicotuberculosis (J65)

A15 Respiratory tuberculosis

A15.0 Tuberculosis of lung
Tuberculous bronchiectasis
Tuberculous fibrosis of lung
Tuberculous pneumonia
Tuberculous pneumothorax

A15.4 Tuberculosis of intrathoracic lymph nodes
Tuberculosis of hilar lymph nodes
Tuberculosis of mediastinal lymph nodes
Tuberculosis of tracheobronchial lymph nodes Excludes1: tuberculosis specified as primary (A15.7)

A15.5 Tuberculosis of larynx, trachea and bronchus
Tuberculosis of bronchus
Tuberculosis of glottis
Tuberculosis of larynx
Tuberculosis of trachea

A15.6 Tuberculous pleurisy
Tuberculosis of pleura Tuberculous empyema Excludes1: primary respiratory tuberculosis (A15.7)

A15.7 Primary respiratory tuberculosis

A15.8 Other respiratory tuberculosis
Mediastinal tuberculosis
Nasopharyngeal tuberculosis
Tuberculosis of nose
Tuberculosis of sinus [any nasal]

A15.9 Respiratory tuberculosis unspecified

A17 Tuberculosis of nervous system

A17.0 Tuberculous meningitis
Tuberculosis of meninges (cerebral)(spinal)
Tuberculous leptomeningitis Excludes1: tuberculous meningoencephalitis (A17.82)

A17.1 Meningeal tuberculoma
Tuberculoma of meninges (cerebral) (spinal) Excludes2: tuberculoma of brain and spinal cord (A17.81)

A17.8 Other tuberculosis of nervous system
A17.81 Tuberculoma of brain and spinal cord
Tuberculous abscess of brain and spinal cord

A17.82 Tuberculous meningoencephalitis
Tuberculous myelitis

A17.83 Tuberculous neuritis
Tuberculous mononeuropathy

A17.89 Other tuberculosis of nervous system
Tuberculous polyneuropathy

A17.9 Tuberculosis of nervous system, unspecified

A18 Tuberculosis of other organs

A18.0 Tuberculosis of bones and joints

A18.01 Tuberculosis of spine
Pott’s disease or curvature of spine
Tuberculous arthritis
Tuberculous osteomyelitis of spine
Tuberculous spondylitis

A18.02 Tuberculous arthritis of other joints
Tuberculosis of hip (joint)
Tuberculosis of knee (joint)

A18.03 Tuberculosis of other bones
Tuberculous mastoiditis
Tuberculous osteomyelitis

A18.09 Other musculoskeletal tuberculosis
Tuberculous myositis
Tuberculous synovitis
Tuberculous tenosynovitis

A18.1 Tuberculosis of genitourinary system

  • A18.10 Tuberculosis of genitourinary system, unspecified
  • A18.11 Tuberculosis of kidney and ureter
  • A18.12 Tuberculosis of bladder
  • A18.13 Tuberculosis of other urinary organs
  • Tuberculous urethritis
  • A18.14 Tuberculosis of prostate
  • A18.15 Tuberculosis of other male genital organs
  • A18.16 Tuberculosis of cervix
  • A18.17 Tuberculous female pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Tuberculous endometritis
  • Tuberculous oophoritis and salpingitis
  • A18.18 Tuberculosis of other female genital organs
  • Tuberculous ulceration of vulva
  • A18.2 Tuberculous peripheral lymphadenopathy
  • Tuberculous adenitis
  • Excludes2: tuberculosis of bronchial and mediastinal lymph nodes (A15.4)
  • tuberculosis of mesenteric and retroperitoneal lymph nodes (A18.39)
  • tuberculous tracheobronchial adenopathy (A15.4)
  • A18.3 Tuberculosis of intestines, peritoneum and mesenteric glands
  • A18.31 Tuberculous peritonitis
  • Tuberculous ascites
  • A18.32 Tuberculous enteritis
  • Tuberculosis of anus and rectum
  • Tuberculosis of intestine (large) (small)
  • A18.39 Retroperitoneal tuberculosis
  • Tuberculosis of mesenteric glands
  • Tuberculosis of retroperitoneal (lymph glands)
  • A18.4 Tuberculosis of skin and subcutaneous tissue
  • Erythema induratum, tuberculous
  • Lupus excedens
  • Lupus vulgaris NOS
  • Lupus vulgaris of eyelid
  • Scrofuloderma
  • Tuberculosis of external ear Excludes2: lupus erythematosus (L93.-)
  • systemic lupus erythematosus (M32.-)
  • A18.5 Tuberculosis of eye Excludes2: lupus vulgaris of eyelid (A18.4)
  • A18.50 Tuberculosis of eye, unspecified
  • A18.51 Tuberculous episcleritis
  • A18.52 Tuberculous keratitis
  • Tuberculous interstitial keratitis
  • Tuberculous keratoconjunctivitis (interstitial) (phlyctenular)
  • A18.53 Tuberculous chorioretinitis
  • A18.54 Tuberculous iridocyclitis
  • A18.59 Other tuberculosis of eye
  • Tuberculous conjunctivitis
  • A18.6 Tuberculosis of (inner) (middle) ear
  • Tuberculous otitis media Excludes2: tuberculosis of external ear (A18.4)
  • tuberculous mastoiditis (A18.03)
  • A18.7 Tuberculosis of adrenal glands
  • Tuberculous Addison’s disease
  • A18.8 Tuberculosis of other specified organs
  • A18.81 Tuberculosis of thyroid gland
  • A18.82 Tuberculosis of other endocrine glands
  • Tuberculosis of pituitary gland
  • Tuberculosis of thymus gland
  • A18.83 Tuberculosis of digestive tract organs, not elsewhere classified Excludes1: tuberculosis of intestine (A18.32)
  • A18.84 Tuberculosis of heart
  • Tuberculous cardiomyopathy
  • Tuberculous endocarditis
  • Tuberculous myocarditis
  • Tuberculous pericarditis
  • A18.85 Tuberculosis of spleen
  • A18.89 Tuberculosis of other sites
  • Tuberculosis of muscle
  • Tuberculous cerebral arteritis

A19 Miliary tuberculosis

Includes: disseminated tuberculosis
generalized tuberculosis
tuberculous polyserositis

A19.0 Acute miliary tuberculosis of a single specified site

A19.1 Acute miliary tuberculosis of multiple sites

A19.2 Acute miliary tuberculosis, unspecified

A19.8 Other miliary tuberculosis

A19.9 Miliary tuberculosis, unspecified

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